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According to numerous reports, expensive gemstones have fallen out of favor with millennials and younger generations because they are not affordable for anyone except the ultra wealthy. The pinnacle of luxurious jewelry is engagement rings and the most expensive ones ever all belong to celebrities. Each of the engagement rings on this list costs millions of dollars, but almost all of these engagements did not end in wedded bliss.

As of September 2021, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

  • Grace Kelly’s Cartier Engagement Ring
  • Estimated Cost: $4,060,000 in 1956
    Carats: 10.47 Carats
    Cut: Emerald Cut
    Gemstone(s): White Diamond

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    photo source: Cartier

    American actress Grace Kelly, famous for her marriage to Prince Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, was engaged to the Prince in 1956, after a year of courtship. Prince Rainier initially proposed with a ring that was fashioned from two family heirlooms, forming intertwining diamond and ruby circlets. Because this ring was part of Monaco’s crown jewels, Prince Rainier also gave Kelly a second engagement ring, one she could wear out. The engagement ring was designed by Cartier and featured a 10.47-carat emerald cut flawless diamond. At the time, this ring reportedly cost over $4 million.

    Kelly was a lifelong fan of Cartier jewelry and was first introduced to the design house by director Alfred Hitchcock.

    Did you know?

    Adjusted for inflation, Grace Kelly’s Cartier Engagement ring is now worth over $38 million!

  • Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring from Marc Anthony
  • Estimated Cost: $4 – $4.5 Million in 2004
    Carats: 8.5 Carats
    Cut: Unspecified
    Gemstone(s): Blue Diamond

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    10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever - Rarest.org (2)
    photo source: hellomagazine.com

    This is Jennifer Lopez’s second appearance on this list, which isn’t that surprising since she reportedly has expensive tastes. Just a few months after breaking up with Ben Affleck, for the first time, in 2004, Lopez and singer Marc Anthony were hitched in secret. Anthony gave Lopez an 8.5-carat blue diamond engagement ring. The estimated cost of the ring was between $4 – $4.5 million. Lopez and Anthony were married for seven years and had twins, Max and Emme.

    Did you know?

    Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from Marc Anthony was by famed jeweler Harry Winston.

  • Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring from Alex Rodriguez
  • Estimated Cost: $1 to $5 Million in 2019
    Carats: 15 – 20 Carats
    Cut: Emerald Cut
    Gemstone(s): White Diamond

    10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever - Rarest.org (3)
    photo source: hollywoodlife.com

    Jennifer Lopez is another lady on this list who has been married and proposed to quite a few times. Although they did not end up tying the knot, one of Lopez’s most recent engagement rings was from Alex Rodriguez. While the details of the ring were never made public, experts estimate that the engagement ring was about 15 – 20 carats and cost at least $1 million and as much as $5 million. It was an emerald-cut diamond set on a platinum band. Lopez and Rodriguez split in early 2021 and she is back with her ex-flame Ben Affleck.

    Did you know?

    Despite the breakup, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly still friends and she still has ownership of the engagement ring.

  • Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring from Paris Latsis
  • Estimated Cost: $4.7 Million – $5 in 2005
    Carats: 24 Carats
    Cut: Emerald Cut
    Gemstone(s): White Diamond

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    photo source: Life & Style

    Although she has been engaged four times, Paris Hilton has not yet said “I do.” Of all of Hilton’s engagement rings, the most impressive was the one from Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis – yes, the media absolutely went crazy over Paris x Paris. The engagement ring was a whopping 24-carats and reportedly cost around $5 million. Unfortunately, the Paris x Paris engagement was short-lived and the couple split six months after their engagement.

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    Did you know?

    According to several reports, Paris Latsis initially proposed with a canary diamond engagement ring, but Paris Hilton did not like it. Latsis then presented Hilton with 15 rings and she ended up choosing the 24-carat diamond ring, that reportedly was too heavy.

  • Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring from Jay-Z
  • Estimated Cost: $5 Million in 2008
    Carats: 18 Carats
    Cut: Emerald Cut
    Gemstone(s): White Diamond

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    photo source: ringspo.com

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z were secretly married in 2008, after dating since 2001. The 18-carat engagement ring that Jay-Z gave to Beyoncé made its first appearance on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in September 2008. Reportedly, Beyoncé’s engagement ring cost $5 million. The 18-carat diamond is an emerald cut with a solitaire setting. Like a few of the other celebrity engagement rings on this list, Beyoncé’s ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

    Did you know?

    Instead of getting matching wedding bands, Beyoncé and Jay-Z got matching IV tattoos on their ring fingers, because they were married on 4/4, and both Beyoncé and Jay Z were born on the fourth day of their respective birth months.

  • Anna Kournikova’s Engagement Ring from Enrique Iglesias
  • Estimated Cost: $5.4 Million in early 2000s
    Carats: Unknown
    Cut: Radiant Cut
    Gemstone(s): Canary Yellow Diamond

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    photo source: Pinterest

    Details about Anna Kournikova’s canary yellow diamond engagement ring from Engrique Iglesias remain a mystery. No one knows for sure when Iglesias gave the ring to Kournikova, but she was first spotted wearing it around 2009 along with what many speculated was an eternal wedding band. Experts estimate that Kournikova’s canary yellow diamond ring cost about $5.4 million. Iglesias and Kournikova never confirmed when they got married, but it reportedly was sometime in 2007.

    Did you know?

    Reportedly, Anna Kournikova received another engagement ring from Enrique Iglesias. It was a champagne and cognac 11-carat, pear-shaped diamond ring with an estimated value of between $2.5 million and $6 million.

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring from Kanye West
  • Estimated Cost: $4 – $8 Million in 2013
    Carats: 15 Carats
    Cut: Cushion Cut
    Gemstone(s): White Diamond

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    photo source: brides.com

    No one knows for sure just how much Kanye West shelled out for Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, but sources estimate it was between $4 – $8 million. The ring featured a cushion-cut 15-carat diamond and was designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

    Just a few years later, Kanye gave Kim a second engagement ring with a 20-carat diamond. Again it was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. However, this second engagement ring was reportedly stolen, among other jewelry, just a few months later, when thieves broke into Kim’s private Paris Fashion Week residence in 2016.

    Did you know?

    Although Kim Kardashian’s second engagement ring featured a larger diamond, the originally diamond ring is worth much more because it Type IIa white diamond.

  • The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring (formerly the Krupp Diamond)
  • Estimated Cost: Sold for $8.8 Million in 2011
    Carats: 33.19 Carats
    Cut: Asscher Cut
    Gemstone(s): Type IIa White Diamond

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    photo source: naturaldiamonds.com

    Elizabeth Taylor, who rose to prominence as an actress, is probably better known for her off-screen life and her seven marriages. Throughout her lifetime, Taylor amassed an impressive jewelry collection, which of course, included engagement rings. Of all her engagement rings, Taylor’s most spectacular (and the most valuable) was The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring, formerly known as The Krupp Diamond. The 33.19-carat diamond was given to Taylor by Richard Burton, which she wore as a ring.

    Burton only paid $307,000 for the diamond in 1968, but Taylor’s estate sold The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring for $8.8 million in 2011.

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    Did you know?

    The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond has been determined to be a Type IIa diamond, the most chemically pure diamonds in the world.

  • Bvlgari Blue Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Estimated Cost: Sold for $9.49 Million in 2014
    Carats: 5.30 Carats
    Cut: Cushion Cut
    Gemstone(s): Blue Diamond with White Diamond Accents

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    photo source: debebians.com

    Coming in at a close second on this list is the Bvlgari Blue Diamond Engagement Ring that was sold at auction in 2014 for $9.49 million. The stunning ring features a cushion-shaped fancy deep-blue center diamond that weighs 5.30 carats. The ring’s band is decorated with pave-set round brilliant and baguette cut white diamonds. The high price tag on the Bvlgari Blue Diamond Engagement Ring is due to the large blue diamond, which is one of the rarest types of diamonds in the world.

    The Bvlgari Blue Diamond Engagement Ring was made in 1965 and was set in the jeweler’s signature Trombino style.

    Did you know?

    The Bvlgari Blue Diamond Engagement Ring was purchased by Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s best known collector houses of precious gems.

  • Mariah Carey’s Ring from James Packer
  • Estimated Cost: $10 Million in 2016
    Carats: 35 Carats
    Cut: Emerald Cut
    Gemstone(s): Platinum Diamond

    10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever - Rarest.org (10)
    photo source: etonline.com
    Worth an estimated $10 million in 2016, Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from billionaire James Packer is the most expensive engagement ring ever. Carey and Packer had a whirlwind romance that began in 2015 and by January of the following year, the couple were engaged. Packer proposed with a one-of-a-kind 35-carat, emerald-cut platinum diamond with two elegant, and tapered baguette diamonds, ring.

    However, Carey and Packer called it quits in October 2016, but as part of their settlement, Carey was allowed to keep the $10 million engagement ring. Carey sold the ring for a rumored $2.1 million in 2018, which is a bargain compared to the ring’s original price tag.

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    Did you know?

    Mariah Carey’s engagement ring was designed by her longtime friend and jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado.


    What is the most expensive engagement ring to ever exist? ›

    The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ring is the most expensive ring in the world, priced at a mind-blowing $80 million. It is a stunning deep-blue 31-carat oval cut diamond ring. Many expensive rings are currently housed in collections around the world owned by some of the most wealthy.

    What is the rarest ring in the world? ›

    The Bulgari Blue Diamond is one of the world's finest

    Diamond industry expert JCK assessed the diamond online, writing that the stunning ring is "among the rarest in the world" because "only one in about 10 million possess a color pure enough to qualify as fancy vivid."

    What is the rarest stone for a ring? ›

    Red beryl is so rare that it's estimated there's only one gem-quality red beryl crystal for every 150,000 gem-quality diamonds!

    How much is Beyonce's wedding ring? ›

    Beyonce's Engagement Ring

    Jay Z clearly had to fork out for this sparkler, with the ring estimated to have cost around $5 million.

    Who owns the most expensive ring in the world? ›

    The proud new owner of the the Pink Star diamond, the most expensive gem stone in the world is Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook that paid $71.2 million for the 59.60-carat stone. The company chairman has christened the jewel the CTF Pink after the company's initials.

    How many carats is Kim Kardashian's ring? ›

    We all loved Kim Kardashian's custom designed, 20.5-carat, emerald cut diamond engagement ring, but now, as she's set to divorce her husband Kanye West, engagement ring experts at Steven Stone couldn't help but wonder how much that show stopping ring is actually worth.

    What stone is rarer than a diamond? ›

    Tanzanite. Tanzanite is a shocking 1000 times more rare than a diamond. Discovered for the first time in 1967 and only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, these gemstones go for about $1,500 per carat. Tanzanite has the ability to change color depending on the angle of light it is in.

    What is the most valuable gem? ›

    1. Blue Diamond – $3.93 million per carat. The most expensive and rarest gemstone in the world is a natural blue diamond. That explains the price of $3.93 million per carat.

    How much is Jennifer Lopez ring? ›

    The ring is worth approximately $5 million dollars." Lopez is in good company with her stunning stone: According to E! News, Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor, and Angelina Jolie are all also members of the "emerald cut club."

    How much was Megan Fox's ring? ›

    Machine Gun Kelly recently proposed to Megan Fox with a ring from British jewelry designer Stephen Webster.

    How many carats is considered big? ›

    With the average-sized engagement ring being a 1-carat stone, it's safe to say anything larger can be considered big. Most people think diamonds are big when they start to reach 2-carats or bigger. However, rings of this size are less common. This is one of the reasons that most people feel 2-carats is a big diamond.

    What is the rarest color of diamond? ›

    Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamonds, with only 20-30 existing in the entire world. They get their beautiful red color from a rare process during their formation, which changes the crystal structure of the diamond and causes light to pass through it differently than colorless diamonds.

    Who owns the rarest diamond? ›

    Who owns the rarest diamond? Kohinoor is the most expensive diamond in the world. As per reports, the oval 109 carat diamond weighs 21.6 grams and is the main diamond of the British Crown. Its origin is traced back to India with Queen Elizabeth II being the current owner of the diamond.

    What is the oldest ring ever found? ›

    The most ancient rings found to date belong to the Paleolithic period and come from the site of Pavlov in the Czech Republic. They are made of mammoth bone and are 21,000 years old. Experts have stated that in the beginning rings were used as an exchange unit with an easy and secure “storage” on the fingers.

    What is the most famous ring in the world? ›

    The ring Prince Charles offered Lady Diana when he asked for her hand in 1981 was to be the most famous engagement ring in the world. The world-famous ring was an extraordinary choice – made by Lady Di herself. The piece was neither custom-made nor a design individually created for her.

    Who owns the largest diamond in the world? ›

    The beautiful gemstone was discovered in 1985 in South Africa and was given a papal blessing by Pope John Paul II. In 1997, the diamond was presented to the King of Thailand after it took specialists a few years to cut and polish. Today, the largest finished diamond is owned by the Royal Family of Thailand.

    Which celebrity has the most expensive ring? ›

    Grace Kelly. In 1956, when the Hollywood actress wed Prince Rainier III of Monaco her engagement ring was priced at $4,060,000. Today, she takes the top spot with an engagement ring worth over $44.3 million when adjusted for inflation!

    How many carat is Megan Fox ring? ›

    This Megan fox engagement ring has 6 carats of green and white pear brilliant cut diamonds.

    How many carat is Britney Spears ring? ›

    How many carats is Britney Spears' engagement ring? Britney's center stone is a four-carat round brilliant-cut diamond.

    How many carat is Hailey Bieber's ring? ›

    Oval-shaped Engagement Rings

    What do you think of the ring? Hailey Bieber's engagement ring size is whopping 6 carats! The absolute stunning design has an elongate look that creates an elegant look on the hand.

    What is the rarest mineral on earth? ›

    The rarest mineral on Earth is kyawthuite. Only one crystal, found in the Mogok region of Myanmar, is known to exist. Caltech's mineral database (opens in new tab) describes it as a small (1.61-karat) deep orange gemstone that the International Mineralogical Association (opens in new tab) officially recognized in 2015.

    What sparkles more than diamonds? ›

    Moissanite has unparalleled sparkle! It has a higher refractive index than diamond, resulting in greater brilliance than diamond. Moissanite also has greater dispersion (fire) than a diamond, so you will notice more rainbow flashes of light.

    What is the most unique diamond? ›

    Quick answer: The rarest diamond color is the red diamond. They are so rare that less than 30 true red diamonds are known to exist. They can cost $1 million per carat and most of the red diamonds in existence are less than ½ a carat in size.

    What are the 4 most prized stones? ›

    The four most sought-after precious gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. gemstone can help you decide what you want to say with your custom piece of jewelry.

    What are the top three rarest gems? ›

    The 10 Rarest Gemstones In The World
    • Tanzanite. Tanzanite is only found in a very small area in Tanzania. ...
    • Black Opal. Precious opal in itself is rare. ...
    • Taaffeite. Taaffeite is a gemstone with an interesting history. ...
    • Poudretteite. ...
    • Larimar. ...
    • Alexandrite. ...
    • Benitoite. ...
    • Paraiba tourmaline.
    Aug 7, 2021

    What is the most precious stone in the Bible? ›

    Rubies have been revered since ancient times. The Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings regarded ruby as the most precious of all gemstones.

    What rock is more valuable than gold? ›

    Red beryl is estimated to be worth 1,000 times more than gold and is so rare that one red beryl crystal is found for every 150,000 diamonds.

    What stone is worth more than gold? ›

    Diamonds are much more expensive than gold. However, red diamonds are extremely rare on our planet. Only 30 of them are currently known, and most of them do not weigh more than half a carat (about 0.1 grams). They are worth a lot, and 1 gram can cost around $ 5 million.

    How much is Jackie Kennedy's ring worth? ›

    Jackie Kennedy's 40.42-carat Harry Winston diamond is the third-largest gem cut from the famous 601-carat Lesotho rough diamond. given to Jackie Kennedy as an engagement ring by Aristotle Onassis, sold for $2,587,500 (estimated at $500,000 to $600,000).

    How many carats is Melania Trump's engagement ring? ›

    The 13-carat ring that went on her finger after they exchanged vows in front of a star-studded guest list contains 15 emerald-cut diamonds.

    How much is Ariana Grande's ring? ›

    The price of the wedding ring for Ariana grande is $800k. How expensive a diamond wedding ring is from Dalton Gomez to Grande.

    How much was Angelina Jolie engagement ring? ›

    Angelina Jolie's 16-carat engagement ring from Brad Pitt cost $500,000.

    What is Cardi ring worth? ›

    Cardi B was given a very generous birthday gift from her husband Offset this weekend. The rapper looked as if she was about to faint when the Migos singer surprised her with two large rings that had an enormous diamond heart on top. Now a source has told TMZ that the ring totals 45 carats and costs over $1M.

    How many carats was Whitney Houston wedding ring? ›

    Whitney Houston's ring specifics included:

    – The ring had a whopping 10 carat total weight of diamonds.

    What is the prettiest diamond cut? ›


    By far the most popular cut is the Round Brilliant, with it's fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets it's brilliance really does out-shine the others. Total internal reflection is the key here; light travels through the stone giving optimum sparkle and scintillation.

    Which cut of diamond looks the biggest? ›

    The four shapes that look the largest per carat are (in order of which looks the largest): marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Among these shapes, oval diamonds are a top choice among those who want a classic-style engagement ring, yet want to maximize the size of their engagement ring's center diamond.

    What diamond size is too big? ›

    Generally, anything above two carats is considered large for a ring, although some of our favorite celebrities like Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga have been seen sporting much, much larger rings. That being said, most women probably wouldn't want to wear massive rings every single day.

    How much did Megan Fox's engagement ring cost? ›

    Machine Gun Kelly recently proposed to Megan Fox with a ring from British jewelry designer Stephen Webster.

    How much was Ariana Grande's engagement ring? ›

    Ariana Grande's $350k engagement ring's hidden meaning will make you emotional.

    How much was Angelina Jolie's engagement ring? ›

    Angelina Jolie's 16-carat engagement ring from Brad Pitt cost $500,000.

    How much did Jennifer Lopez engagement ring cost? ›

    Jennifer Lopez's 15-Carat Ring From Alex Rodriguez Cost $1 Million.

    How much was Melania Trump's engagement ring? ›

    1. Melania Trump's show-stopping bling. When Melania got engaged to Donald in 2004, he offered her a 15-carat diamond ring he is believed to have paid US$1.5 million for after securing a 50 per cent discount from Graff – though not everyone believed it.

    How many carat is Hailey Bieber ring? ›

    Hailey's engagement ring carries 10-carat oval-shaped diamond and round diamond bands. In ouros jewels, you can easily select an oval-shaped diamond ring that Hailey Bieber has. We used certified lab-grown diamonds for making your engagement ring as Hailey Bieber ring.

    How much did Kim Kardashian's engagement ring cost? ›

    On top of this, there's Kim's 20-carat engagement ring worth a staggering $3million, making it one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time. This isn't the only engagement ring Kim's had from Kanye, either, as over time she's had three stunning pieces.

    How much did Lady Gaga's engagement ring cost? ›

    Lady Gaga's Engagement Ring Costs $400,000 | THR News.

    How many carats was Beyonce's ring? ›

    Weighing in at 24 carats, Jay reportedly paid around $5 million (now worth $6.89 million) for Bey's flashy emerald-cut ring back in 2008.

    How big is Blake Lively's engagement ring? ›

    The Zoe Report estimates that Lively's ring comes in at a whopping 12 carats, which explains why it's always the center of attention. The ring is estimated to cost around $2 million.

    How many carat is Meghan Markle engagement ring? ›

    The cushion-cut center diamond of Meghan's engagement ring is estimated to be roughly three carats and was sourced from Botswana — a country that is very important to Prince Harry and where the couple took their first vacation together.

    How much did Sofia Vergara's engagement ring cost? ›

    Sofia Vergara

    The “Modern Family” star's massive ring from Joe Manganiello includes a 7-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a delicate halo. It's worth roughly $500,000.

    How much did Blake Shelton pay for the engagement ring? ›

    However, ever since 2020, our eyes have been focused on Stefani's gorgeous engagement ring: a platinum, square radiant cut diamond that is reported to be about six to eight carats. The real jaw-dropper, though, is the calculated price tag—an estimated value of $500,000!

    How much was Hailey Bieber's engagement ring? ›

    While the size of her massive diamond is anything but simple (it reportedly has a price tag of up to $500,000), it's the overall design of the accessory that falls right in line with Hailey's cool, calm, and collected fashions.

    How big is Britney Spears engagement ring? ›

    How many carats is Britney Spears' engagement ring? Britney's center stone is a four-carat round brilliant-cut diamond.


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