16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (2023)

16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (1)

Let’s say your customer service heroes are great at personalizing conversations, exhibit the perfect body language, and understand your products inside out. But there is still something missing.

They need the right tools to make magic happen!

The best help desk ticketing system can help you blend empathetic human support with powerful automation technology. With the right ticketing system, you can convert customer requests into unique tickets, track their complete lifecycle, automate repetitive tasks, and encourage self-service to enhance the support experience.

Whether you are a customer service agent looking to speed up your response time or a support manager wishing to get a bird’s eye view of your process, there is a tool out there for you.

In this blog, we will understand the definition of ticketing system software and explore 16 tools that will help you enhance productivity and make every service interaction count.

Let’s go!

What Is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (2)


Help desk ticketing software is a tool used by organizations to manage and track customer service requests, complaints, and queries. Support agents can use a shared dashboard to view all tickets in one place, prioritize urgent issues, publish knowledge-base articles, and share faster responses with customers.

The primary purpose of a help desk ticketing system is to streamline the customer service process by automating repetitive tasks and providing greater visibility into ongoing issues. Support managers can gain relevant insights into team performance with help desk metrics such as ticket response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction ratings, ticket backlogs, and more.

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A Quick Comparison Table of the Best Help Desk Ticketing System

SoftwarePriceNotable Features
ProProfs Help DeskStarts at $20
  • Set up an online knowledge base
  • Access shared inboxes in one place
  • Create powerful chatbots
  • Monitor help desk metrics
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • ZendeskStarts at $49
  • Offer personalized support
  • Create a help center
  • Intelligent ticket routing
  • Access customer service data
  • Multiple integration options
  • Help ScoutStarts at $20
  • Use tags to categorize tickets
  • Leverage saved replies
  • Create custom ticket fields
  • Recommend help articles
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • FreshdeskStarts at $15
  • Deploy AI-powered chatbots
  • Create SLAs to set deadlines
  • Track time spent on support tickets
  • Monitor social media messages
  • Convert ticket responses into KB articles
  • HubSpot Service HubStarts at $450
  • Access all messages in one place
  • Interact using the live chat widget
  • Share CSAT, NPS & CES surveys
  • Create rich reports & analytics
  • Connect with HubSpot CRM
  • Salesforce Service CloudStarts at $25
  • Support prospects & customers
  • Integrate Salesforce with Slack
  • Create AI-powered workflows
  • Customize your community forum
  • Explore upsell & cross-sell opportunities
  • LiveAgentStarts at $9
  • Monitor agent performance
  • Record customer service calls
  • Set up customer feedback widgets
  • Track time spent on each ticket
  • Create SLA reports
  • ServiceNowNot Mentioned
  • Offer multi-channel support
  • Enhance field service
  • Leverage intelligent analytics
  • Create a service catalog
  • Resolve issues with intelligent chatbots
  • Zoho DeskStarts at $12
  • Create multiple help centers
  • Create templates for email responses
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Share automated notifications
  • Automate ticket assignments
  • HappyFoxStarts at $26
  • Offer self-serve & live support
  • Track powerful customer service metrics
  • Save time with canned responses
  • Send automated feedback surveys
  • Monitor social media messages
  • FrontStarts at $59
  • Automatically assign emails
  • Manage all conversations in one place
  • Use email templates
  • Create reports for CSAT & SLAs
  • Integrate with CRM
  • Jira Service DeskStarts at $21
  • Track IT assets
  • Use 300+ pre-designed form templates
  • Organize incidents & requests
  • Use Jira’s mobile app
  • Multiple integration options
  • BMC HelixNot Mentioned
  • Get a complete view of each customer
  • Provide multi-channel support
  • Share relevant knowledge base articles
  • Create pre-built ticket flows
  • Offer proactive service
  • AzureDeskStarts at $33
  • Create multiple ticket fields
  • Customize your self-service portal
  • Multiple integration options
  • Create reports on customer interactions
  • Provide support in 53 languages
  • Vision HelpdeskStarts at $12
  • Create multi-level escalation rules
  • Calculate time spent on tickets
  • Create an SEO-optimized knowledge base
  • Leverage Android & iOS apps
  • Create a customer portal
  • JitBitStarts at $29
  • View complete chat history
  • Create canned responses
  • Add multiple tags to tickets
  • Use reports to understand service demand
  • Leverage Android and iOS apps
  • 16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System for 2023

    We understand that searching for that ideal tool can be a painstaking process. You will need to scroll through multiple software review platforms, visit dozens of product websites, and read hundreds of reviews.

    But here is some good news! We have done the hard work already.

    Here are the 16 best ticketing systems that will meet all your unique needs. Let’s quickly explore their features and pricing details.

    1. ProProfs Help Desk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (3)

    ProProfs Help Desk is undoubtedly the best ticketing system software as it combines email ticketing with other communication channels, such as live chat, chatbots, knowledge base, help center, web forms, and more. This allows your team to connect with customers on their favorite channels while promoting self-service.

    ProProfs Help Desk also makes it easier for your team to collaborate using internal notes, sort tickets using filters, and share automated surveys to capture valuable customer feedback. In addition, you can even deploy powerful chatbots on your website to automate your customer service process.

    Top Features of ProProfs Help Desk:

    • Set up your online knowledge base with ready-to-use templates
    • Access support@, info@, etc., in one place with the shared inbox feature
    • Create chatbots for customer service, lead generation, appointment booking, etc.
    • Monitor average first response time, ticket resolution time, CSAT, and other metrics
    • Resolve tickets on the move with a dedicated mobile app


    Starts at $20/user/month (Single plan with all premium features)

    2. Zendesk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (4)

    Zendesk is a popular ticketing system that is used by many Fortune 500 companies from across the globe. The tool allows you to create a vast community forum so that prospects and customers can interact can raise questions, discuss common problems together, and share solutions.

    With Zendesk’s agent workspace feature, you can view all ongoing and past customer conversations in one place. This gives your agents better visibility and more control over what’s happening.

    Top Features of Zendesk:

    • Personalize customer service conversations across multiple channels
    • Create a help center to allow customers to find answers on their own
    • Send tickets to the best agents with intelligent ticket routing
    • Turn raw customer service data into useful insights
    • Integrate with Trello, Mailchimp, and multiple other tools


    Starts at $29/user/month

    3. Help Scout

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (5)

    Help Scout is an easy-to-use customer service ticketing system that can help your team get started in no time. Your support team can get their hands on collaboration, automation, and organization features to offer delightful assistance to customers.

    With the shared inbox feature, your agents can access multiple team inboxes, such as support@, help@, etc., in one place. Moreover, team members can collaborate using private notes and collision detection.

    Top Features of Help Scout:

    • Use tags to categorize tickets or trigger automation
    • Reduce response times with the help of saved replies
    • Add custom data for tickets using custom fields
    • Recommend help articles through the live chat widget
    • Work on the move with Help Scout’s Android and iOS mobile apps


    Starts at $20/user/month

    4. Freshdesk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (6)

    When talking about ticketing system software, Freshdesk has been an industry leader for many years. This easy-to-use tool comes with a Team Inbox where agents can view, organize, and manage all incoming support tickets from multiple channels.

    Freshdesk also provides powerful automation features to speed up support operations and increase agent productivity. For example, you can choose to automatically distribute help desk tickets based on your agents’ availability, skill sets, or workload.

    Top Features of Freshdesk:

    • Leverage AI-powered chatbots to assist multiple customers simultaneously
    • Create SLAs to set deadlines for ticket response and resolution times
    • Track time spent on support tickets to log billable hours
    • Monitor your customer’s Facebook and Twitter messages
    • Convert email and chat ticket responses into knowledge-base articles


    Starts at $15/user/month

    5. HubSpot Service Hub

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (7)

    HubSpot Service Hub is another support ticket system software that helps you improve team collaboration, offer proactive assistance, and scale your customer service process. By integrating this tool with HubSpot CRM, agents can get the context they need to drive customer interactions.

    HubSpot Service Hub makes it easier for your team to measure customer happiness from time to time. For instance, you can deploy NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys to build a better customer experience.

    Top Features of HubSpot Service Hub:

    • View and reply to all customer messages from the conversations inbox
    • Use the live chat widget to assist customers in real-time
    • Monitor the customer experience with CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys
    • Assess agent performance with rich reports and analytics
    • Connect with HubSpot CRM to view all customer information in one place


    Starts at $450/month

    6. Salesforce Service Cloud

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (8)

    Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM-powered ticketing system that helps you build and sustain long-lasting customer relationships. With multiple customer data points available at your disposal, you can offer highly personalized service experiences.

    The Salesforce ticketing system also helps you monitor the work of your field agents. Field agents can instantly track their assigned tickets, view knowledge base articles, and track SLA complaints even when they are not in the office.

    Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud:

    • Offer a seamless self-service experience to prospects and customers
    • Integrate Salesforce with Slack for enhanced team communication
    • Enhance work productivity with AI-powered workflows
    • Customize your community forum to match your website’s visual appeal
    • Track opportunities to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities


    Starts at $25/user/month

    7. LiveAgent

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (9)

    Whether it is about managing dozens of customer service emails or monitoring social media mentions of your company on Facebook, LiveAgent’s ticketing system integrates with multiple communication channels. To grab the attention of website visitors, you can even share proactive chat invitations.

    LiveAgent also offers gamification features to make your agents’ work more fun. For example, you can set multiple levels for your agents to achieve. Moreover, you can even allot suitable badges and rewards to your top-performing agents.

    Top Features of LiveAgent:

    • Monitor agent performance with reports and analytics
    • Assign, record, and store all customer service calls in a central place
    • Set up chat and customer feedback widgets in multiple languages
    • Monitor the time spent on resolving each ticket
    • Create SLA reports to avoid future SLA violations


    Starts at $9/user/month

    8. ServiceNow

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (10)

    ServiceNow is a leading ITSM tool that can help your business improve the quality of IT services. The tool helps you leverage AI and predictive analytics to solve customer issues proactively and reduce ticket volume.

    ServiceNow also brings robust knowledge management capabilities to the table. You can offer multiple self-service options to customers to enhance their support experience.

    Top Features of ServiceNow:

    • Support customers across the web, email, phone, and messaging
    • Enhance field service by giving agents all the tools and data they need for the job
    • Empower support agents with intelligent guidance and analytics
    • Create a service catalog to bring greater visibility into your service offerings
    • Resolve issues faster with intelligent chatbots


    Get in touch with the company for a quote.

    9. Zoho Desk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (11)

    Zoho Desk is context-aware software that helps your support representatives access customer context to better understand their issues, enhance productivity, encourage service, and increase customer happiness.

    As a free ticketing system software, Zoho Desk helps you leverage AI to speed up the issue resolution process. For example, your agents can use an AI-powered assistant to reduce tickets proactively, understand customer sentiments, and speed up response times.

    Top Features of Zoho Desk:

    • Create different help centers for your different brands
    • Leverage ready-to-use templates for email responses and ticket notifications
    • Generate visually-appealing reports to monitor team performance
    • Share automated notifications with agents and customers
    • Assign tickets automatically to the most appropriate agents


    Starts at $12/user/month

    10. HappyFox

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (12)

    HappyFox brings multiple process automation and team collaboration features to the table to help you connect with prospects and existing customers. With smart rules, you can trigger actions immediately when certain conditions are met.

    HappyFox helps you put customers in the driving seat with an online knowledge base. The tool helps lower your agents’ workload by allowing them to share knowledge base articles and FAQs with customers.

    Top Features of HappyFox:

    • Allow your customers to choose between self-serve or live support
    • Track powerful customer service metrics to improve service delivery
    • Search for specific canned responses while drafting email responses
    • Send customers automated surveys to capture valuable feedback
    • Assist and interact with customers on Instagram and WhatsApp


    Starts at $26/user/month

    11. Front

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (13)

    Front is an easy-to-use customer service software that comes with a simple, email-like interface. Instead of forwarding emails to each other, your customer support reps can work in sync using powerful team collaboration features.

    Front allows you to customize your live chat widget for web and mobile and interact with customers in real time. However, one serious drawback of this tool is that it is expensive compared to other ticketing systems in the market.

    Top Features of Front:

    • Automatically assign customer service emails to keep your inbox organized
    • Manage email, SMS, chat, and social media conversations in one place
    • Leverage ready-to-use email templates to send consistent replies
    • Create specific reports for Tags, CSAT, and SLAs
    • Manage all customer contacts with CRM integration


    Starts at $59/user/month

    12. Jira Service Management

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (14)

    Jira Service Management is a powerful IT ticketing system that can be used by multiple departments to manage internal complaints and requests. Whether it is IT, Dev, or HR, different departments can set up their virtual help desks and enhance the service experience.

    Employees and customers can use find answers to their common queries using a reliable self-service portal. Moreover, support reps can share relevant help center articles to help end-users

    Top Features of Jira Service Desk:

    • Track the complete lifecycle of company-wide IT assets
    • Leverage 300+ pre-designed form templates to collect relevant information
    • Organize incidents and requests based on their priorities
    • Resolve tickets on the move with Jira’s mobile app for Android and iOS
    • Integrate with multiple tools to enhance internal collaboration


    Starts at $21/user/month

    13. BMC Helix

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (15)

    BMC Helix is a powerful tool that helps you improve the quality of customer service interactions. The tool helps you gather actionable data from multiple touchpoints to offer proactive and personalized service.

    Another great aspect of BMC Helix is that it provides the right platform for multiple teams to collaborate with each other. For example, you can bring together marketing and sales teams to collaborate with your customer support team.

    Top Features of BMC Remedy:

    • Get a 360-degree view of each customer
    • Interact with customers via chat, email, phone, and social media
    • Share relevant knowledge base articles with customers and agents
    • Guide support agents with pre-built ticket flows
    • Allow agents to be proactive during customer interactions


    Get in touch with the company for a quote.

    14. AzureDesk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (16)

    AzureDesk is another support ticket software that deserves to be on your list this year. All your customer service emails are automatically converted into tickets and can be accessed by your team in one place.

    Agents can easily mention other team members in private notes and notify them to share their inputs. However, one major drawback is that the tool offers just a single plan that can be quite expensive for small businesses.

    Top Features of AzureDesk:

    • Add more information about tickets using ticket fields
    • Customize your self-service portal to deliver a consistent experience
    • Integrate AzureDesk with multiple tools, including Slack, JIRA, and more
    • Create reports on customer interactions and agent performance
    • Support your global audience in over 53 languages


    Starts at $33/user/month

    15. Vision Helpdesk

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (17)

    Vision Helpdesk can help your team convert your customer service calls, emails, chats, and social media inquiries into tickets and store them in a centralized platform. Moreover, you can use this tool to gamify your help desk dashboard by creating agent achievement levels and quests.

    Vision Helpdesk’s ticketing system allows managers to keep a firm track of the time spent by support agents and bill customers accordingly. You can collect payment from your customers via Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

    Top Features of Vision Helpdesk:

    • Create multi-level escalation rules for efficient ticket management
    • Calculate time spent by agents resolving each support ticket
    • Add SEO-optimized knowledge base articles to reduce ticket volume
    • Manage tickets on the move with simple Android and iOS apps
    • Give customers a portal to track their existing tickets


    Starts at $12/user/month

    16. JitBit

    16 Best Help Desk Ticketing System & Software for 2023 | ProProfs (18)

    JitBit is a versatile tool that is available in on-premise and SaaS versions. The cloud version is hosted at AWS data centers and offers benefits such as 24×7 monitoring and regular backups.

    You can use this customer service ticketing software to give agents a grid view of tickets. This allows them to instant scan through all ongoing requests and access any docs or files attached to help desk tickets.

    Top Features of JitBit:

    • View all emails and chat history in chronological order
    • Re-use your popular answers with canned responses
    • Add multiple tags to a ticket to make searching effortless
    • Create reports to understand customer service demand and future performance
    • Use free apps for Android and iOS to receive instant notifications


    Starts at $29/user/month

    Try Ticketing System Software for Free!

    When you have to deal with endless customer complaints and requests, the idea of delightful customer service can seem to go out the window. But that’s no reason to be gloomy.

    This help desk ticketing system software list includes all the in-demand and feature-rich tools that will help you craft the best service experience. As a best practice, make sure you jot down all the features your team needs, and then go for the tool that ticks all the boxes.

    The best part is that you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get your hands on the best help desk ticketing system. ProProfs Help Desk comes with a 15-day free trial where you can take the tool for a spin and explore all premium features for yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are help desk ticketing system examples?

    Help desk ticketing systems are available in two versions – on-premise and SaaS. Some best examples of SaaS ticketing systems include ProProfs Help Desk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, etc. Some great examples of on-premise solutions include JitBit, DeskPro, etc.

    What are the key features to consider in a help desk ticketing system?

    Some of the most in-demand help desk features include:

    • Canned responses
    • Shared inbox
    • Ticket prioritization
    • Parent-child ticketing
    • Chatbots
    • Automated ticket routing

    What are the main benefits of the help desk ticketing system?

    Some of the most important benefits of a ticketing system are:

    • Capture customer requests from multiple channels (email, phone, live chat, web forms, etc.)
    • Automate repetitive tasks and enhance team productivity
    • Create an online knowledge base to encourage self-service
    • Offer proactive and real-time assistance with live chat
    • Generate reports to monitor customer service performance

    How to choose the best help desk ticketing system?

    Here are some steps you can follow for choosing the best help desk ticketing system:

    • Understand your unique requirements
    • Prioritize a clean and simple user interface
    • Prioritize automation capabilities and data security
    • Go for a free trial to explore all features and functionalities
    • Pick the right plan and make sure there are no hidden charges

    How much does the help desk ticketing system cost?

    Different help desk tools have different prices. Most tools offer monthly subscription plans starting anywhere from $20/user/month and going up to as high as $150/user/month.

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