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People are buying different things for their loved ones, but there are some special moments when they want to give them something truly unique and memorable. One of these things that are usually on the top of the list of the most-desired present is 3 carat diamond ring.

They are especially popular among those looking for engagement rings.

Every prospective buyer should remember that this is a relatively big purchase. Beautiful 3 carat diamond rings are expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment.

Besides the fact that they are unique and that they look amazing, you should also remember that their price doesn’t tend to go down even after years of wearing. This is quite natural because these diamonds are rare and extremely durable and they are usually part of rings that are made of high-quality, expensive materials too.

In other words, 3 carat diamond rings are something truly special and out of the ordinary. Now let’s check some of the facts that can help you learn more about three carat diamond rings.

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How big is a 3 carat diamond ring?

A 3 carat diamond weighs 600 milligrams.

We should point out that they are considered big diamonds and they are relatively rare.

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But, when we are talking about the size of diamonds, we should also take their dimensions into account.

In this case, similar to diamonds with different carats, the size depends on the diamond cut and shape.

One of the most popular forms of 3 carat diamonds is the round diamond and a 3 carat round diamond comes with a face-up area of around 9.1 mm.

A princess cut diamond is 8 mm and so on.

Price of a 3 carat diamond ring

The price of 3 carat diamonds depends on a few factors.

Of course, the 4 Cs of diamonds – clarity, cut, color and carat play the most important roles.

Generally speaking, diamonds with relevant certificates are more expensive, but there’s a reason for that and we will mention this reason later in this article.

Generally speaking, a high-quality 3 carat diamond is worth between $18.000 and $25.000.

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If the diamond comes with a great cut, it’s well-polished has good symmetry and no fluorescence, you can expect a higher price.

When it comes to 3 carat diamonds, we should also mention that you have to use the upper part of the color scale for these diamonds.

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It would be great if you can find an H-rated diamonds. The clarity should be VS1 or VS2 at least.

Of course, the price is affected by the ring itself.

There are rings that look like small pieces of art and they are obviously more expensive.

In addition, the material used in the creation of the ring affects the prize.

Yellow gold is much cheaper than platinum for example.

Finally, the weight of the material will have an impact on the prize of your diamond ring too.

What shapes can you find?

The good thing is that 3 carat diamonds are available in literally all the shapes you can think of.

One more time, we have to highlight the fact that even the shape and cut of the diamond have an influence on the final price.

There’s no universal cut and shape that will fit the preferences of all wearers.

That’s why you should think about the personality of the recipient and the occasion when you will give the ring before selecting a cut/shape.

Now let’s check some of the most popular shapes present in 3 carat diamonds.

Round – this is probably the most used shapes of diamonds today and 3 carat diamonds are not an exception. Besides its tremendous popularity, round diamonds provide additional flexibility when it comes to colors, clarity, and cut. Namely, even if these factors are at the lower part of the scale, the diamond will still have excellent brilliance and fire. Of course, the higher the cut grade is the better.

Princess – this is a shape of diamond that comes with pointed corners. It’s cut in a square which gives the diamond superior refractive properties and high level of sparkle.

Oval – this is another popular choice today which has excellent brilliance. Many people choose this cut when they want to make their fingers look elongated and more elegant.

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Marquise – here’s an example of a great shape for people who are a fan of romantics. According to some sources, it was Louis IXV of France who created this cut. It shows an oval stone with pointed ends. It’s good to know that this shape makes the diamond look even bigger.

A few things buyers should check before buying 3 carat diamond ring

Is the diamond a real, natural diamond?

For starters, buyers must be sure that they are looking at a real, natural diamond.

The natural diamonds usually come with certificates that can confirm their quality and origin.

In case you are trying to purchase a diamond over the Internet, you must use online jewelry stores that have high-quality photos of their diamond rings. In this way, you can check the presence of inclusions which is a proof of the authenticity of the diamond.

Of course, you can always buy man-made/synthetic diamonds, but you should never pay the price for a real diamond.

Unfortunately, there are still some sellers who want to trick their buyers.

Look at the certificates

Although there are many gem laboratories around the world, there are only a few of them that have a strong reputation. 3 carat diamonds should come with certificates provided by reputable organizations like the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.

Besides GIA and AGS, you can rely on certificates issued by the International Gemologist Institute or the European Gemological Laboratory.

Analyze the clarity

As one of the 4 Cs of diamonds, clarity plays an important role in the overall value of 3 carat diamonds. Although you may find some I2 and I3 diamonds that look good, the truth is that experts consider diamonds that belong to at least VS1 and VS2 category as good diamonds.

Of course, it would be even better if you can afford VVS diamonds (VVS1 or VVS2).

All these diamonds have inclusions that are not visible to the naked human eye.

Analyzing the color

We should also mention the color of diamonds as an important factor in this process.

It was GIA that has introduced a color scale which is used by most jewelers.

The list contains the letters from D to W.

It is interesting that the highest rated letters are similar in appearance and the differences are subtle. The color scale represents the whiteness and the lack of color.

Colorless diamonds (white diamonds) are usually the most expensive diamonds.

Purchasing 3 carat diamond rings

In case you want to buy the 3 carat diamond ring for the money, you should purchase a ring from a well-established jewelry store.

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It won’t take much time before you find one at least when you are doing research on the Internet.

There are many online diamond stores where you can find exclusive examples of beautiful 3 carat diamond rings.

Hopefully, this article and short guide will encourage you to buy the right 3 carat diamond ring for your loved one.

3 Carat diamond ring ideas

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3.00 Carat Radiant Cut Side Stones Engagement Ring In 18k White Gold

If you are looking for a majestic combination of sophistication, elegance, and tenderness, this engagement ring is the perfect match.

It’s made of a simple 1.1-2.7 mm wide 18k white gold band with 6 round diamonds in the front that emphasize the center 3.00-carat radiant cut diamond.

What makes this ring so impressive is its shine and sparkle, due to its strong fluorescent power.

Empyreal, magical, captivating… Just what you need when asking her to say I DO.

3 Carat Diamond Ring - How Big It Is, Shapes & Price - Rock My Diamond (5)

3.00 Carat Radiant Cut Pave Engagement Ring In Platinum

Diamonds are forever, and so it is this ring.

With a 3.00-carat radiant cut center diamond and 2.7 mm wide platinum band with a triple row of 58 paved-set diamonds, it’s a true enchanting ring.

How can you not fall in love with this breathtaking royal ring that shines in the night, reflecting the eternal fire of your passion?

Astonishing, dazzling, and shimmery ring that perfectly lays on your loved one’s hand.

3 Carat Diamond Ring - How Big It Is, Shapes & Price - Rock My Diamond (6)


3.00 Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

When looking for a timeless symbol of your love to your lady, this contemporary ring might be the right choice.

Simple, yet elegant.

It’s made of a 14k yellow gold 3.3 mm wide band and a single 3.00-carat princess cut diamond.

What makes this ring unique is its one-of-a-kind cross-prong basket design which can accommodate a princess or a round shape diamond.

Its flattened band is bold, but not heavy, thus offering a great combination of classic and modern styles.

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3.00 Carat Round Cut Unique Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say.

The more diamonds, the better, we guess.

If a single 3.00-carat center diamond is not enough, then, a sparkling halo of 60 pave-set small diamonds will do the magic.

Made of a double 2.4mm wide 14k white gold band with diamonds encircling the center slightly fluorescent diamond, this ring is a fascinating combination of eternal elegance and sophistication.

Mesmerizing, breathtaking; a ring worth a queen.

3 Carat Diamond Ring - How Big It Is, Shapes & Price - Rock My Diamond (8)

3.08 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another ring that shows the power of simplicity, elegance, and minimalism.

Combining a 14k white gold band and a 3.08-carat round cut highly fluorescent diamond, this ring is a woman’s dream come true.

We believe that the ring is a reflection of two people’s love and this ring will show yours sparkling brightly even in the dark.

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Leave no feeling untold.

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