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Fellow tarnished! Welcome to another Elden Ring guide. TheElden Ring Giant Crusher Build has become the talk of the show around here lately. Players wonder what’s so special about these weapons and why there’s hype. For starters, it has been almost two months since Fromsoft released Elden Ring to continue its soul series.

Key Takeaways

Table of Contents

  • Giant Crusher Build is one of the best builds in Elden ring due to its unbelievable strength abilities.
  • Vigor, Endurance, and Strength are the main attributes that complement Giant Crusher Build.
  • This build performs the best with weapons like Heavy Giant Crusher and Prelate’s Inferno Crozier. Dual-wielding these two weapons results in extra perks.
  • For increased damage output, talismans and seals like Claw Talisman and Flame, Grant me Strength! should be used with this build.

Recommended Stats for Giant Crusher Build

  • Vigor – (35-43)
  • Mind – (10-14)
  • Endurance – (35-42)
  • Strength – (70-85)
  • Dexterity – (12-16)
  • Intelligence – (13-16)
  • Faith – (23-25)
  • Arcane – (7-10)

Let’s talk about the stats you need for the Giant Crusher Build in Elden Ring. As you can see, grinding more points in Vigor, Endurance, and Strength means that these are the main three attributes you need to focus on leveling. Yes, the build will be based on Strength primarily because of the weapon choice. You will need that maximum Strength to wield the hammer and deal a tremendous amount of damage and an increase in damage. It pairs well with wielding heavy weapons and increasing your equipment load. Consequently, allowing you to wear heavy armor. So for this build, you need to grind as many points as you can into Strength. The minimum range you could push points into is between 70 and 85, but the optimum level is best kept at 80.


Additionally, focus your points on leveling Vigor because the attribute allows your character to gain an additional health bar. You don’t want to enter a fight without having your health buffed, right? The bosses in Elden Ring are not to be taken lightly; they can knock your health bar to zero with minimal effort. So you need to have a decent amount of health to engage in any battle and emerge victoriously. Above all, Vigor helps you boost your fire resistance but not your physical defense. You leave that part to the Endurance attribute that we have capped to 40 as a minimum. Remember, leveling your stats till 30 significantly improves the characteristics of your character; however, increasing them beyond those points does a fraction of what they would do earlier. For instance, you need to cap Vigor till 42; any point above will do you no good. You should focus the points on other attributes.


Thirdly, you have Endurance which is crucial to level because of the weapon and armor you’ll be wearing. Endurance governs your Stamina, and you need a lot of Stamina to swing these bad boys for the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build. For instance, the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier requires strength to wield it. Even if you get to wield it, you will need enough Endurance to use it in battle. On another note, since you will be dual-wielding your weapons, you need additional equipment load, defense, good armor, and enough Stamina to do all of the above. To further grasp the concept of Stats in Elden Ring, you may want to look at our Stats guide. Once you are aware of its importance, it will help you choose and customize between different builds and items.

Weapons for Giant Crusher Build

The weapons we bring to you in our guide will mainly comprise of eithet the Giant Crusher or the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier. You must be wondering why we added two weapons for this build. The answer is very simple; you can dual-wield both of them, and if one can’t meet the requirements, you can equip the other one.

Heavy Giant Crusher

Elden Ring: BEST Giant Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (1)

The weapon is insane, and its appearance is terrifying. It Scales S with Strength and requires a whopping 60 Strength to wield. The hammer does crazy damage; to further raise the level of damage, you need to equip it with the heavy affinity. Moreover, it works well with Crozier Hammer as a secondary weapon but does slightly less damage, so the best option is dual-wielding the same weapon. Might I add that you will be able to accomplish a 5,000 above damage with this build? The further down we go into this guide, your damage output will increase significantly. You can upgrade the Giant Crusher with Smithing Stones up to a level of +24.

Colossal WeaponStrike
EndureFP 9
Wgt. 26.5Passive -

With this upgrade, you can see the incredible amount of damage you can achieve. Any other weapon will do best with the build. For instance, you can carry the Commander’s Standard to deal with quick attacks. Although it scales D with Strength, you can use its pretty neat move set and a buff skill to increase damage on the Giant Crusher. Before engaging in battle, you can trigger the Royal Knight’s Resolve on both weapons. It will enhance your damage output and give you +5,000 damage to any boss in the game. Beat bosses such as the Tree Sentinel, Flying Dragon Agheel, or Loretta with these weapons!

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Elden Ring: BEST Giant Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (2)

You can choose to equip the Giant Crusher in both hands or switch the other one with Prelate’s Inferno Crozier. However, you will get a slightly lower damage output with this combination of weapons. The best option would be to dual-wield the Giant Crusher. You can use the Weathered Blood Straight Sword weapon or literally any lightest weapon that pairs with Seppuku to increase your damage using the Blood Loss ability.

Colossal WeaponStrike
Prelate's ChargeFP 7 (7)
Wgt. 23.5Passive -

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is a colossal weapon in Elden Ring that scales primarily with Strength. Similar to the Crusher, you want to equip it with the Affinity Heavy to increase damage. Simply face the enemy and use the heavy attack to smash your weapons towards the enemy to inflict massive damage. You can also switch to other excellent attacks of this weapon, such as the Prelate’s Charge, which allows you to dash towards the enemies while setting the hammer on fire and leaving trails of lava on the ground.

Recommended Talismans and Seals

  • Clawmark Seal
  • Great jars Arsenal
  • Claw Talisman
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation
  • Radagon’s Soreseal
  • Ritual Sword Talisman
  • Flame, Grant me Strength!

The Clawmark Seal scales with Strength and Faith, and you can use it to scale your incantations with Strength. Other alternatives include Finger seal; however, you don’t need that for a Strength build. The incantations you cast while under the influence of Clawmark Seal will increase your character’s damage output. On the other hand, Great Jars Arsenal increases your carrying capacity by 10%, which will help you dual-wield your weapons effectively. The Claw Talisman is essential for our Giant Crusher Build in Elden Ring because it will boost your jump attacks by an additional 15%. It means that when you plunge in front of the enemies while dual-wielding the weapons, you will be able to achieve more than 2,000 damage and maybe even cross 5,000 damage output even without the rest of the perks and buffs! Flame, Grant me Strength! is an incantation that will give you an additional 20% damage buff, and it also affects your fire spells. In order to achieve the highest damage output for this build, you will need to pack up as many effective spells and talismans as you can to stack up an overwhelming damage output. Moreover, the incantation can be used for any other spell you choose to equip.

Raptor’s Black Feathers

Elden Ring: BEST Giant Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (3)

Jump attacks deal incredible damage in Elden Ring, and you want to utilize the move set as much as you can. There are many ways to do that, and in contrast, the Raptor’s Black Feathers armor can give you an additional 10% damage for plunging attacks. It is a combination of both light and medium armors in Elden Ring.

PhyStrike Slash PierceMagicFireLightHoly
Dmg Negation88.89.59.510.
Resistance5735 60 60 15
Chest ArmorWgt. 7.7

You can obtain the armor and the Skeletal Mask from Sage’s Cave. Mashing all of what we have discussed in our guide, you can increase your attributes, jump attacks, and the total damage of your weapons by tenfold!


First, cast your Golden Vow and then activate Flame, Grant me Strength! use Seppuku to trigger Lord of Blood’s Exultation, dual-wield the hammers, and trigger the Royal Knight’s Reserve on the left hammer and do the same on the second. Engage the enemy with a mighty hammer of justice and watch them die instantly! The build is overwhelming even at a base level, and you can start leveling it out early. All in all, you will have a great time messing around with this build and bully any major bosses and enemies you encounter in the game. For more amazing guides on Elden Ring, be sure to give us your feedback and visit our page!

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