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TheBest Elden Ring Faith Weapon guide will break down the top 10 faith damage weapons you can use. Elden Ring has been rated 10/10 by major sites, and ever since it was released to the public a few days ago, it has topped the charts. Players are out there leveling different builds, weapons, stats, and testing out different keepsakes. The game itself offers a whole new world to explore and complete thrilling quests and missions that will require the best of everything in a character. With that said, you players will have to select the best things out of those the game offers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Weapons in Elden Ring scale with different stats of the character. These stats include Faith, Intelligence, Vigor, Strength, Dexterity, and Poise.
  • Golden Halberd has a good combination of defensive and offensive abilities. The only drawback is the 30 Strength requirement. It is obtained by defeating Tree Sentinel at the Church Of Elleh in Limgrave.
  • The Coded Sword has the highest starting Faith in the game. It comes with a special attack, the Holy Blade Slash. Its drawback is the lack of physical damage. You can find it at the Lower Capital Church in Liurni.
  • Tree spear is another Faith based weapon, coming with an Ash of War called Sacred Order. It is available in the Leonia Region.
  • Uchigatana has lots of qualities including good range, Blood buildup, amazing skill move, and agile movements. It is present at the Death Touch Catacombs.
  • Gargoyle’s Blackblade comes with a great amount of damage and a special skill, the Spinning Slash. It has D-grade Faith Scaling. You need to defeat a boss in the Forbidden Lands in Caelid region to access this weapon.
  • Gargoyle’s Black Halbred is also dropped by the same boss and has similar capabilities.
  • Flying Winged Scythe is a good option with Faith builds. It offers a wide range of attacks and passive bleed buildup. It is present in a chest at the Tomb Word Ruins.
  • Cipher Pata is a Faith exclusive weapon that deals Holy damage. Its Ash of War is the Unblockable Blade. This Sword is available at the Round Table Hold.
  • Sword of Night and Flame is used with mage builds. It comes with flame attacks and Night Comet sorcery. To access it, go to Carry Manor in the northwestern tip of Leonia.
  • Grafted Dragon is a hand-worn weapon and resembles a dragon head that spits fire. Faith is one of its main stats. Defeat Godrick at the Stromville Castle and trade its Remembrance at the Round Table Hold to access this weapon.

Well, there is a lot to pick from, but we wanted to come up with a list of the top ten weapons based on their base damage, their scaling with the faith stat, and their usefulness in their move set. This guide will also explain how to obtain each of these weapons in Elden Ring. You can also read our overall Best Elden Ring Weapons for similar information.

Before we start with the article, we shall mention that the weapons listed in this guide are completely subjective and based on our personal experience within the game. If we find more information related to these Faith weapons, we will certainly update the guide.

Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons

Golden Halberd

First on our list is the Golden Halberd; now this Faith Weapon weapon gets D Faith scaling even as you crank it up, it’ll keep its defense scaling, which is solid, and the Ash of War attached with it allows you to increase your attack and defense for a while. The increase in your attack and defense is really helpful.


Its move set is amazing, but the only downside to this weapon is its 30 Strength requirement. If you plan on going with a Faith Strength build, this is a really great start, but there is a better option later on in this Elden Ring Faith Weapons list. Although, Golden Halberd is a very decent start to our guide.


You will have to go to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. Once you arrive, you will have to defeat the Tree Sentinel roaming around.

Coded Sword

Next up on our list is the Coded Sword; now, this gets a Faith scaling at rank six, and we think that it might stretch up to S, and it starts with B. It means that the Coded Sword is the highest starting Faith weapon in the game, at least so far. The sword has an attack called the Holy Blade Slash attached with the Ash of War, and it is a really useful and top-of-the-line attack. Why? Because it is unblockable, we can see this being a strong PvP weapon as well.

The weapon is not number one on ourBest Faith Weapon Elder Ringlist. Technically, it should be that it has the best facing scaling out of any of the weapons mentioned on this list because of its attack power. Now, even with high Faith, it takes so long to kill enemies with this thing, and it requires the use of multiple slashes, and we think that’s because it is missing physical damage.


A lot of the other Faith weapons on this list have Holy and Physical Damage, and we noticed that this thing was not cutting it in the damage department, especially for how small openings are. If you’re going to use this sword, we would recommend dual-wielding it with another sword that does Holy damage that way. At least, you can kind of make up for a little bit of that lack of damage originally with another sword. All in all, having an unblockable is extremely helpful.


Head over to the Lower Capital Church in Liurni. Climb the Dragon Statue to reach the top of the church, and you will notice an area that faintly resembles an abandoned castle. You will find the weapon in an isolated room inside the castle.

Tree Spear

It is a great weapon that is scaled with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, and it requires quite a fair amount of Dexterity and Faith to wield properly. By the term wield properly, we mean that it includes access to a unique Ash of War called Sacred Order, which gives the weapon a Holy Essence especially strong against the undead.



The weapon is located in the Leonia region. From the first sight of grace that you get to, you need to jump down the eclipse outside the back of the castle and follow the road on the right to its end. You will see a giant that has gotten loose, and you can either fight or run away from him. Run up to the abandoned carriage at the end of the road, inside of which lays the Tree Spear.


The Uchigatana causes blood buildup and is a perfect weapon. The weapon can allow for any Ash of War to be applied and has Holy scaling. It requires the use of Sacred Whetstone that turns it into a Sacred Uchigatana and allows the players to effectively increase the damage output for both Physical and Holy damage from the weapon. The move set of Uchigatana is quite amazing and offers a good amount of range. Furthermore, it has a crazy skill move called Unsheathe, which is extremely fast and deals a considerable amount of damage.



You will need to head over to the Death Touch Catacombs. Once you’re there, you will need to take a right turn and then an immediate left onto a little secret passage when you’re walking down the stairs. What you’re going to do is take another left, and then you should be at the Uchigatana.

Gargoyle’s Blackblade

The most annoying and somewhat difficult boss is the Black Blade Kindred, and he drops the Gargoyle weapons once defeated. The Blackblade weapon is pretty awesome, and it deals a great amount of Holy damage. It also has a cool skill called Spinning Splash. Although, the weapon seems to require a high faith stat. It has an insane skill called Spinning Splash that deals with immediate damage and significantly reduces the enemy’s health. The Blackblade offers D-grade faith scaling and a decent range.



To obtain this Faith Weapon sword, you need to go to Grails Dragon Barrel. Once you get there, take a right turn, and you will notice the boss right behind you. The boss drops two weapons and is situated in the Forbidden Lands in the Caelid region.

Gargoyle’s Black Halberd

The same weapon dropped by the boss mentioned above, Black Blade Kindred, scales with Strength, Faith, and Dexterity. It has a pretty decent move set and also offers players with D grade Faith scaling. Moreover, the damage output of the Black Halberd is quite insane as it inflicts both Physical and Holy damage.


Players can obtain the weapon from the same location as the Gargoyle’s Blackblade in the Forbidden Lands in the Caelid region.

Flying Winged Scythe

It is not only a Dexterity but also a Faith-based weapon in Elden Ring, and it will scale with any type of Faith build. The Winged Scythe has a passive bleed buildup, which is absolutely amazing for any type of boss fight. The sword is also based on light attacks and fully charged heavy attacks and does Holy and Slashing damage. Moreover, the Scythe has a unique art of war that will leap forward with a holy imbued attack that prevents your opponents from using a flask of tears. It is useful against a few NPC’s, who will use their flasks, but mostly this will see its use as a PvP weapon for sure.


The Flying Winged Scythe is considered the top in our Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons guide as it comes with the best Ash of War in this game. Its spinning and slash attack can stagger the enemies at the first hit, and the second hit can guarantee a bleed buildup. Overall, the weapon is really powerful has great range. It gets C faith scaling at only in plus six, which allows it to compete and do better damage than any of the other Faith weapons in this list.


To acquire the Winged Scythed, head over to the Tombs Word Ruins, and you can either fight or avoid a couple of enemies so you can loot the chest and you will get the weapon.

Cipher Pata

The weapon deals pure Holy damage, ignores shields, and is perfect for pure Faith and arcane build. The Cipher Pata has a move set of the Hook Claws but with a good faith aesthetic. The holy damage involved as well as a unique Ash of War called Unblockable Blade because the attack lunges forward with an unblockable attack. However, you need to have 30 Faith to use this weapon, and it scales exclusively with Faith.



You can find this sword in the Round Table Hold. In a table of lost guests area, enter through the passage right next to the fireplace. Jump from the second floor and go on the left side of the area. You will find a room, and on top of its bed, you will find this Faith weapon.

Sword of Night and Flame

This particular sword takes advantage of multiple schools of magic through its Ash of War. Otherwise, a normal straight sword, this weapon can choose to create either a fire attack or the Night Comet Sorcery. It also scales with both Intelligence and Faith for its regular damage. The weapon itself deals immense damage and can be used by Mage builds.


The Flame attack is a little bit more close range. It deals even more damage out of the gate and with an unoptimized build, making and trivializing pretty much most of the early on fights in the game while also making you extremely cool.


Head to Carry Manor in the Northwestern tip of Leonia. Travel along the walkways until you are towards the middle of the area. From there, you will have to drop down onto the roof on your left and climb down through the secret hole. Look around and find the chest that has the Sword of Night and Flame inside it.

Grafted Dragon

The last weapon on our Best Elden Ring Faith Weaponsguide is the Grafted Dragon. The Stats on this weapon require a good amount of Faith, Strength, and Dexterity. The amazing thing about this weapon is that it actually equips on your arm, and it spews a good amount of fire that deals good damage. It’s pretty cool to have a dragon’s head fitted on one of your arms and a head that spits fire on the enemies. You will need the following leveled stats;

  • Strength – 20
  • Dexterity – 14
  • Faith – 16


A little backstory to the main boss would be fun! So, Godrick the Grafted is the ruler of Stormville Castle, and his body is clad by extremities taken from his previous victims. During his second phase, he grafts a dragon head onto his arm, spewing streams of deadly fire. You will need to defeat him, and it is pretty easy, though. Okay, head towards the Round Table Hold and run straight up the stairs, and you will notice anNPCcalled Finger Reader Ernia. It would be best if you traded Remembrance of the Graft to acquire either Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon. The choice is yours, although the dragon head looks pretty cool.

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Final Touches

Overall, Elden Ring provides a variety of decent and legendary weapons that work best with specific builds and characters. The diverse nature of the game offers its players a huge map to explore and defeat tough bosses in order to level and obtain legendary swords. Apart from that, players can choose between leveling Dexterity, Strength, or Faith weapons to match with their desirable builds. You can test the weapons mentioned in ourBest Faith Weapon Elden RingGuide and let us know which one worked best for you in the comments below. Your feedback helps motivate us into guiding every one of you and thus, update you with in-depth guides related to games other thanElder Ring!

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